Why 2k



  • eats no more than 2,000 calories a day
  • never eats any refined flour or sugar, including fruit juice.
  • records anything he consumes to accurately track his caloric intake
  • drinks a shitload of water
  • think of food as fuel, not entertainment  – CnP on actor Jason Statham’s approach to getting lean


“The diet was hard on some of the guys. I wasn’t allowing any more than 2000 calories per day when they were with us. This was the only job where I prescribed a strict Zone diet. We provided breakfast, lunch, two snacks and a takeaway dinner. They ate every 2-3 hours…training can only accomplish so much. Diet has the greatest effect on body composition and this turned out to be the most difficult aspect of the job to control.  The guys who were too skinny were simply issued an extra dinner or breakfast. We tried to stick the calories in the 2000/day range.”  –  Gym Jones on cast nutrition for the 300 movies



*There will be NO Open Gym Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, April 19th

*Party Next Saturday, April 26th, 6pm – ?, at Rob’s House.  Directions will be posted on the bulletin board.  Pot Luck so bring a favorite food/drink if you want or just come over.  Official announcement of inter-gym CrossFit Games Open winners(teams and individual boy/girl) will be conducted and spoils awarded.

Cultural Perceptions


2014 CrossFit Games contender(champion??) Danielle Sidell doesn’t understand the question “what’s the weight for girls?”

The F-Word —  Is feminism dead or has the term been poisoned?


Internet provocateur Maria Kang a.k.a. “Fit Mom”.  Inspirational motivator or condescending self-promoter.(Self-promotion in the fitness industry??  Never!!!)

“Whats Your Excuse for Not Looking Like Maria Kang?” 



Official End of the Open/Spring Party!!  Saturday Evening.  April 26th.  More details to follow…

TODAY, April 9th.  There will be NO 11:30 session.

Pot Luck


“Rugby is great.  No helmets or pads.  They just beat the hell out of each other and then go for a beer.  I love that”  –  Joe Theismann


During Open Gym this Sunday, March 30, 1pm – whenever, we will feature:

A).  Open Gym as usual.  Come workout and focus on anything you want.

B).  Heats of the Final CrossFit Games Open workout – 14.5.  Come and do this last one, or re-do if you’re nasty.

C).  Regardless of your choice of A, B, or neither, come for the POT LUCK!!!!  Bring a favorite dish, beer, desert, beer, 7-Layer dip, or I dunno, maybe beer.  The past five weeks of this Open business have been a blast so bring a lawn/camping chair and hang out as we recount our exploits and make bold plans for how we’ll crush the Games next year!

Tongue Mesh

Rich Froning, Central East and Matt Chan, South West

“The premise of a recent Time Magazine article is that movies like “300” actively promote “unrealistic male body standards” thereby making young men feel inadequate. The author argued that, “failure to attain these unrealistic body goals can lead to depression, high-risk behaviors (like drinking and drugs) and eating disorders.”

So, men feel inadequate when confronted by images of other men who are more capable and disciplined? As they should. And they should feel it enough to do something about it.”  –  Gym Jones


The Future of Weight Loss?  –  innovation or simply too far gone


Big morning in the gym.  New Jerk maxes for Tammy, Amy, and Greg E. who finally broke past 225 with 230.  Also, Lindsey made the climb to the top of the rope for the first time!


14.4 will be revealed tomorrow!  Write your guess on the prediction sheet.  There is also a sheet with info on the Spartan Race.  Check it out and signup on the race team.

300: Rise of an Empire


What: 300: Rise of an Empire
Where: Cinetopia Mill Plain 8, 11700 SE 7th
When: This Saturday Night, 3-15, at 7:30pm

If you want to go you should and can order your tickets NOW. Select “LR” meaning “Living Room” theatre. These theatres serve beer/wine/food, are very comfortable but also very small and sell-out easily so DON’T WAIT. This should be a fun movie and the cast is trained with the same methods that we employ/endure every day. See what you could look like on an 1800cal a day diet!

View From a Coach’s Eye

CrossFit Games season has launched at the gym.  Every year we have more people compete and all that effort brings higher levels of inspiration to, hopefully, all of you but definitely to your coaches.  Everyone who took their shot at 14.1 yesterday was ‘game and gutsy’ and it had an impact.  Coach Lori made the following observations:

The Unsung Heroes

I have signed up for each Open since I started Crossfit 3 years ago and never

regretted that decision. To be a part of something so big, a brotherhood and

sisterhood of athletes, always feels incredible to me. It also feels great on a smaller

scale inside our own box. Suffering through some ridiculously challenging WOD’s

with some of my best friends gives me a feeling of belonging that I am hard-pressed

to find elsewhere. Better still, to cheer on other competitors and possibly closest

rivals and truly hope, deep down, that your encouragement enables them to get one

more rep, even if it beats your score. (Christina).

This year, because of some back problems, I had decided not to compete, not to sign

up. It bothers me greatly that there will be challenges in this year’s Open that I was

able to conquer last year that will not be possible this year. Going backwards really


As I heard 14.1 announced Thursday night, I got that little tingle of excitement that

said, “This is in your wheelhouse, girl. You can really do this one. And probably

fairly well, for a middle-aged lady with a back problem. “ But I still held back and

thought it would be wiser not to push myself.

Then I walked into the gym tonight and watched as Betsy, almost 10 years older

than myself (sorry Bets, now everyone knows your age) jumped her heart out for

10 straight minutes to conquer a skill that she has never been able to do before-
Double Unders. She didn’t quit halfway through in frustration. She kept on trying

her very best till the last second. And she got 12 of them! I was more impressed

with that tonight then anything else I saw. I also watched Nicole, strong as all get

out, but double unders are not her thing. She tried her very best and got through

a full round plus some extra. I was in awe. I didn’t get to see much of Kellie as she

battled her way through because I was judging someone else, but I heard her yell

and grunt in fierce determination to get just one more rep. I also saw two newbies,

Julie and Melissa, go at it and do really well. The excited, bright eyed look of success

and pride in their faces inspired me.

So this is what I have wanted to say for a really long time. We cheer on and

celebrate and boast about our strongest, fittest, best athletes. They deserve

those accolades because they worked really hard to get to that level. That stuff

doesn’t just happen. It takes consistency and hard work and fearlessness and

determination. Our best athletes have that in spades. But guess what? So does

every single athlete I watched tonight, and many more at our box. I think they

may have it even more so. What kind of person keeps coming back to something

at which they may not be very good? Something that they know will cause them

pain and suffering? I’ll tell you what kind of person. One who is hard working,

consistent, determined, and fearless. One who is so awesome and inspiring to me,

that I performed 14.1 tonight (180 reps, baby!) and signed up for the Games. I’d

like to thank some of the best athletes I know for that inspiration. You know who

you are. You are the ones that struggle and keep coming back. Thank you for the

encouragement. If you are on the fence about signing up, take the plunge. You have

until Monday at 5pm to sign up and complete the WOD. Just do your best and that

will always be enough. Let the Games begin!!



“Cover your eyes.  Try to block it out.  All your insides.  Want to scream and shout.  We’ll leave ‘em something they can talk about…when it’s over”  –  Shihad


The first workout of the CrossFit Games Open has been announced.(VIDEO-announcement and Fisher vs. Hendren performing it)  It’s a repeat of the first workout from the 2011 Open:

As Many Reps as Possible in 10min of :   30 Double Unders and 15 Snatches(75/55)

Reigning champ Rich Froning did 448 reps on this workout in 2011 for first place.  The winner of tonight’s announcement ‘throwdown’/demo, Garrett Fisher, only did 373 reps.  A single workout means nothing but the difference is interesting.  Froning has only gotten fitter over the past three years.


Two more competitors have joined up.  Welcome aboard Mike and Ben!


Homework/Prep for the D-unders and Snatches:

Double Under Tutorial

Muscle Snatch – generally, the weight used in 14.1 will be light enough that many athletes will simply ‘Muscle’ Snatch or NOT pull under the bar after the jump.  Fisher and Hendren both used this style in the announcement workout.  ’Power’ snatching into a partial/above parallel squat or a full squat snatch may of course be used in 14.1.



The first CrossFit Games, 2007, on a small ranch in Aromas, Ca.  1st Prize = $500.  ~75 people showed up both competitors and spectators.  Show up and you were in.


The 2013 Games in one of four arenas at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA.  1st Prize = $275,000 and untold sponsorship dollars.


2014.  The road to determining the “World’s Fittest” begins again in only 2 days.  REGISTER HERE.  We are fully participating in the first stage of this process — The Open.  If anyone advances to the next round, Regionals, we will cross that bridge then(looking at you Rusty!!).  For The Open we will run our own inter-gym competition.  Everyone who REGISTERS will be divided into teams.  Every point you score over the 5 forthcoming weekly workouts will contribute to your team score.  Winners take the spoils(it might be a little shy of $275k).  There will also be prizes for best overall individual in their respective age/gender divisions.

This is a test of yourself.  What can you do?  The rest of the world doesn’t factor in the deal.  Do your best.  Observe that point within your mind where you have to determine the difference between “can’t” and “won’t”.  Yes, the weak links in your armour, mental and physical, will be exposed.  Use that as valuable feedback to guide your goal-setting and training moving forward.  You will not be alone in this journey of body and mind.  When it’s over, you will feel that sense of accomplishment and be able to tell yourself and others that you tried.


“The world needs dreamers to ease the pain of consciousness”  –  W. Anderson

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams…”  –  Ode


I.  Clean and Jerk Ladder

II.  ”The Admiral”

The Tao of Da Club


It doesn’t get any cooler than Bruce Lee dropping the bass.  Have a fun weekend everyone.  Next week, we go to war…

Ready, Aim…


“A goal is not always meant to be reached.  It often serves as simply something to aim at.”  –  Bruce Lee


The 2014 CrossFit Games start next Thursday, Feb. 27th, with the release of the first of five weekly workouts.  We will be running our own in-house competition too which will be a lot of ‘fun’.  Everyone who has REGISTERED will be divided into teams.  Once the Open has ended, we’ll see which team placed the highest overall.  Rewards, accolades, and kudos will follow.  There will also be a separate prize for best individual female/male scores.

So, are you ready?(Born Ready! that way you never have to get ready)  If you are still weighing the pros/cons, WATCH THIS VIDEO  –  The Test of Fitness.  It’s a 30min. documentary defining CrossFit and the Games.  If it doesn’t get you pumped then nothing will.


“Thirty pounds later, the skinny girl downs two protein shakes (1,365 calories each) and makes McDonalds runs at 10 p.m. for double bacon cheeseburgers. Which is quite a shift from a sport in which “you eat an M&M and you think your career is over,” Jones said.  In bobsled, the mantra is “mass pushes mass.”  –  Lolo Jones…9000 calories a day