The Big Evil


Christina finishing that first Muscle-Up.  Amazing work and another milestone reached.  More to follow…


“I remember when 60 Minutes interviewed me and they told me they were convinced that we were on to something with our emphasis on the burpee.  They had first encountered it when interviewing a guy on death row nicknamed Big Evil.  In solitary confinement Big Evil would knock out 1000 burpees a day, and the guy looked, they said, like 270lbs. of shredded steel.”  –  Spartan Up!


Reminder:  “Eat real food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants”  –  M. Pollen   If there is better and/or more concise dietary advice we haven’t run across it yet.  Research continues though…

There Is Hope


“You’ve lost weight since the last time I saw you.  Where do you workout?” he asked.  “Working out is the ‘new lunch’” I replied, “It’s for wimps.”  –  Limitless


Fade Into You  –  what first love sounds like.  No you say?  Heartless basterds.  Imagine the early ’90′s.  Cobain still lives, the “M” in Mtv still meant something, no such thing as auto tune or boy bands, and Mazzy Star vocalist Hope Sandoval is singing this song just for you.


CrossFit Games athlete Matt Chan vs. Mountain Bike.  Mountain Bike 1, Chan 0.  PHOTO(Warning, Graphic)

Freedom Waffles > Belgian

Tomorrow may be beer and hotdogs but hopefully you’re eating plenty of fresh, seasonal produce this time of year…and drinking water…and sleeping and napping as much as possible. But go crazy tomorrow, no guilt;)

Have a great July 4th everyone. Remember, gym is closed Friday but normal times on Saturday. Drink up!


It’s summer! We should all be more like Summer(2:24)

Hormones and Evil


“Who knows what evil lurks…” —  The Shadow

“The weed knows man, where evil lurks” —  Friday


“For Fitness, Push Yourself!” — NYT article, 2014…and from a 12 year old CrossFit Journal article…

…”Neuroendocrine adaptation” is a change in the body that affects you either neurologically or hormonally. Most important adaptations to exercise are in part or completely a result of a hormonal or neurological shift. Current research, much of it done by Dr. WilliamKraemer, Penn State University, has shown which exercise protocols maximize neuroendocrine responses. Earlier we faulted isolation movements as being ineffectual. Now we can tell you that one of the critical elements missing from these movements is that they invoke essentially no neuroendocrine response.
Among the hormonal responses vital to athletic development are substantial increases in testosterone, insulin-like growth factor, and human growth hormone. Exercising with protocols known to elevate these hormones eerily mimics the hormonal changes sought in exogenous hormonal therapy (steroid use) with none of the deleterious effect. Exercise regimens that induce a highneuroendocrine response produce champions! Increased muscle mass and bone density are just two of many adaptative responses to exercises capable of producing a significant neuroendocrine response.
It is impossible to overstate the importance of the neuroendocrineresponse to exercise protocols. This is why it is one of the four defining themes of the CrossFit Program. Heavy load weight training, short rest between sets, high heart rates, high intensity training, and short rest intervals, though not entirely distinct components, are all associated with a high neuroendocrine response.” -CrossFit Founder Coach Glassman, “Foundations” April 2002-


Of Note:

Kids Fitness Class Today at 3pm!!!

Gym closed this Friday for July 4th



“His name is Upgradde.  Spelled with two d’s for a ‘double-dose’ of his pimping”.  –  Idiocracy

Sorry for the long delay in blog posts.  Hardware problems that have now been, um, upgraded(d).


For starters, the blog must officially recognize Kathleen(pic) for getting that first Muscle-Up last week!!!!!  Months ago Kathleen set her sights on doing a full on, legit, no scale, Muscle Up.  The move is a milestone achievement.  With the goal set, Kathleen got to work practicing the components – pull-ups and dips.  After those were squarely in her wheelhouse she began practicing the elusive ‘transition’ not only in the gym but on the rings she and Brian installed in their living room.  How dedicated is that?!  The hard and somewhat contradictory truth behind getting Muscle Up #1 is that you can’t do it until you do it.  Weird huh?  It feels impossible until it isn’t.  Kathleen had been stuck at this point so we set the end of June as a deadline.  The preparation had been done right.  Consistent practice, no shortcuts.  It paid off and she hit not one but three Muscle Ups that night.  Great work Kathleen!!!!


Summer Kid’s Fitness Program gets fully underway next week!  Call or consult the bulletin board or our private FB page “The Other 23 Hours” for info.  Let us know if you want access/invite to “…23 Hours” and we’ll get you all up in there.

Next Friday, July 4th, we will be closed for Independence Day



Body Armour


Another year gone and the time marked with certain milestones.  CrossFit traditionally marks Memorial Day by remembering the sacrifice of Navy Lt. Michael “Murph” Murphy.  We pushed the date back a week so that hopefully those that were traveling last weekend could be here.  Lt. Murphy’s life and final heroic actions are already passing into legend.  These events have been popularized in the book Lone Survivor and movie of the same title.  Check them out for the details of those events that summer of 2005.  As we head into summer of 2014, let’s use this workout to remember Murph.

WHEN:  This Saturday, May 31st.  9:30am.  The regular 9:00 session time moved back and NO separate 10:00am..  We suffer as one.

WHAT:  Run 1 Mile – 100 Pullups + 200 Pushups + 300 Squats – Run another mile.  If you have a weight vest, wear it.

AFTER/”Wake”:  We’ll have snacks, beverages, and some focused ‘hanging out’ after.  Bring anything you like or just stick around and toast the life, the person, and the workout he also created.  Rest easy Lt., we got this.

Community(not the lousy tv show)


Want to say a big congratulations to our friends at CrossFit Fort Vancouver.  Today they qualified for the finals of The CrossFit Games this July down in California.  If you are new or don’t follow the ‘sport of fitness’, CFFV won the Games in 2010 and are one of the very, very elite few to have qualified every year.  They look better than ever this year too and are the odds on, and my personal, favorite to re-claim the title.

“Skill improvement is likely to be minimized when facing substantially inferior opponents, because such opponents will not challenge one to exert maximal or even near-maximal effort when making tactical decisions, and problems or weaknesses in one’s play are unlikely to be exploited.” —  Moonwalking with Einstein



We will pay tribute to Lt. Mike Murphy on Saturday May 31st.  Many of you have said you will be out of town over the official Memorial Day weekend.  We don’t want you to miss the contemplative suffering in Murph’s honor so we’ll do the following the weekend after:

  • Run 1 Mile
  • 100 Pullups
  • 200 Pushups
  • 300 Squats
  • Run 1 Mile

if you are so inclined, do all the above while wearing a 20lbs. weight vest/body armour

Get On Up


  • People with ‘sitting’ jobs were found to have twice the rate of cardiovascular disease than people with ‘standing’ occupations.
  • After as little as 2 hours of sitting, ‘good’ cholesterol(HDL) drops 20%
  • The moment you sit down: calorie burning drops to 1 per minute, enzymes that breakdown fat drop 90%, and electrical impulses in the lower musculature virtually shut off.  This last one can lead to a condition known as gluteal amnesia where eventually the glutes won’t ‘fire’ at all.  This lack of gluteal activity forces the other muscles to take up the slack and puts strain on the low back.  So wake your ass up!

So what to do if your daily occupation virtually requires that you sit for the majority of the time.  The following are some tips by Dr. Len Kravitz(not the singer but how cool would that be).

1) Stand up and walk around the office every 30 minutes
2) Stand up and move every time the person near you needs to get some water
3) Walk to the farthest bathroom in the worksite facility when going to the restroom (if multiple bathrooms are an option)
4) Always stand and/or walk around room when talking on the telephone
5) Consider getting a standing workstation.  Try to sell you boss on the health benefits and decreased health costs associated with not sitting
6) Consider doing a 5-minute walk break with every coffee break
7) Don’t email office colleagues; walk to their desks to communicate with them

What about the other times during your day?
1) Get up and move during every commercial
2) Take a 5-minute walk break every 30 minutes
3) Get a stationary piece of cardiovascular exercise equipment and use it for several minutes each half-hour of TV viewing or reading
4) Stand up and do some easy (i.e., not strenuous) lunges or squats at least once per half hour
5) Stand up and do some alternating leg balance exercises at least once per half hour
6) Stand up and move for the opening segment of each TV show
7) At the end of reading every 4, 6 or 8 pages get up to walk around the room or house


Party On Dude


“Hey man, there’s a beverage here!”

End of the Open/Spring Gym Party

Saturday, April 26th

6-ish on

Rob’s House(directions on bulletin board or call)

Pot Luck.  Bring a favorite food or drink or just the pleasure of your company.

Why 2k



  • eats no more than 2,000 calories a day
  • never eats any refined flour or sugar, including fruit juice.
  • records anything he consumes to accurately track his caloric intake
  • drinks a shitload of water
  • think of food as fuel, not entertainment  – CnP on actor Jason Statham’s approach to getting lean


“The diet was hard on some of the guys. I wasn’t allowing any more than 2000 calories per day when they were with us. This was the only job where I prescribed a strict Zone diet. We provided breakfast, lunch, two snacks and a takeaway dinner. They ate every 2-3 hours…training can only accomplish so much. Diet has the greatest effect on body composition and this turned out to be the most difficult aspect of the job to control.  The guys who were too skinny were simply issued an extra dinner or breakfast. We tried to stick the calories in the 2000/day range.”  –  Gym Jones on cast nutrition for the 300 movies



*There will be NO Open Gym Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, April 19th

*Party Next Saturday, April 26th, 6pm – ?, at Rob’s House.  Directions will be posted on the bulletin board.  Pot Luck so bring a favorite food/drink if you want or just come over.  Official announcement of inter-gym CrossFit Games Open winners(teams and individual boy/girl) will be conducted and spoils awarded.